you've already got the shoes. 

you've already bought the watch. 

you've already decided that this time, you'll do it. 

now master the missing step in most runner's training—nutrition. 

nearly half a million people complete a marathon race every year. but less than 10 percent of athletes qualify for the elite and historical boston marathon. 

why? because it's fu*$ing hard. 

but it's not impossible. the road to boston starts with a good training program and a better nutrition program.  after deciding to run my first marathon, i realized that a lot of the information available to new runners about how to train, fuel, and recover is super outdated, not based in science, and flat out incorrect. i understood why my friends who had run races actually gained weight during training, why runners felt destroyed for weeks after their events, and why some people spent years chasing their "BQ" time—because they were eating the exact wrong foods for optimal athletic performance. 

so i created a program for myself, and when i popped my marathoning-cherry i also scored a boston qualifying time. 

i've learned a lot about racing since that first finish line, and even more about nutrition for endurance athletes. and i know that it's possible to qualify for boston, if you want it. it's time to fine tune every aspect of your training. 

get the 12-week boston qualifying meal plan. 

in the e-book you'll get: 

  • daily meal plans 
  • pre and post-workout fueling snacks
  • information on how to hydrate during and after a run 
  • shopping lists for each week 
  • the runner's superfoods list 
  • recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will make you faster and stronger 

the 12-week bq meal plan: $29.99 

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