hiyah babes. what a WEEK! so much to be inspired by. i'm off to arizona this weekend to reconnect with all the women on my mom's side of the family for a girls trip. it should be totally delightful—it's been a while since i got out of california, and i'm really looking forward to it. here's what really got me jazzed this week. stay inspired and delighted—until next thursday. 

1. LA's promo for the 2024 olympic games. if you're lacking the inspiration you need to do that daily battle with your sports bra, this is sure to make you teary (and light that fire under your ass to get sweating)  

2. the winter menu at gracias madre . confession: i live a quarter mile away from this killer vegan restaurant, and used to go at least once a week and order the exact. same. thing. i hadn't been in a while, but stopped by this week for a dear friend's birthday and I was totally blown away by the menu! get there asap—before spring comes and the menu changes again. 

3. one of the many perks of my job is that i get to research and write all day long. sometimes i get stuck on a topic and end up reading for hours... probiotics are that gross, nerdy thing i could talk about all day long. check out this video we made at Thrive Market about them! 

4. ya'll need a new netflix binge show? check out "love" on netflix—it makes me squirm, laugh, and feel a little nauseated. just like love, i guess. 

5. for all my #runners out there—i just found out i'm running the new york marathon! i'm super excited, and stay tuned for details about my training plan and OF COURSE all the food i'll be eating.

6.  charcoal lemonade. activated charcoal is kind of like a magnet for all of the terrible goop inside of you—it attracts the nasty stuff and helps you detox. it doesn't taste like anything, but it's crazy good for you. if you didn't know, now you know. 

7. the new pisces moon. it's why you're being emotional and feeling a little fragile, but it's also a super fertile time for creating amazing things. let it happen!