seems like we totally bypassed spring here in LA and jumped right into summer—and i'm not mad about it. it's been an awesome week, and here's the stuff that made me uber happy. 

1. my weekly run club is back in session! there's something so nice about running with a group of people with different skill levels. even if you're an introvert like me, running with a bunch of people isn't as terrifying as being at a party or something. we don't have to talk—all we have to do is move. I love that.  

2. workout videos are baaaaacccccckkk! I love making these with Thrive market—check out the latest to fight the #brabulge

3. yeah, i know it's so basic, but eating three meals a day. sometimes it's hard even for me to remember that snacking is not the answer—aka the way to get down to your happy weight , have incredible energy, and just feel really good. it is so nice to be back in the groove of eating three meals a day. need a refresher as to why it's so important? check out the article here

4. ya'll i'm finally embracing snapchat. and you were right, millennials. it's really fucking fun. follow me @ michellizzon for fun things, recipes, and lots of f-bombs.  

5. as if i needed another reason to love running. check out this incredible article from vox

6. and finally, i'm loving this horoscope in love roundup from goop. was reading this like, oh my god, me!!! check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below! 

xx mp