ever have one of those weeks where you're like, 'uh, has it only been 7 days?". that was this week for me. between this strange moon nonsense and my boo-thang being gone, it's been a funky few days—but hey, that's not always a bad thing. 

here's how i got through the week relatively unscathed. 

1. tiny detail about me—i travel from los angeles to orange county on a weekly basis (at a minimum). it's a long car ride, but it gives me some much needed  time to think, catch up on my podcast listening, and explore my weekly spotify recs. not to totally nerd out on you, but i've been listening to "hamilton", the broadway musical. ON. REPEAT. ya'll, this is sooo not me. i do not like showtunes. i do not musical theatre. i lived in new york for 8 years and can count on one hand how many times i saw a broadway show. but this soundtrack? incredible. the rap, the history, the writing is all so fantastic that you'll be stunned by how much you're actually enjoying listening to a broadway soundtrackno joke, by the end i was weeping—and i'm still not sure if it was because of the moving performances or just because i was devastated that it was finally over. go take a listen. 

peanut butter-coconut flour paleo cookies

2. coconut-almond butter paleo cookies? oh yes, they're a thing. (i might have put chocolate chips in mine... hush up with that shade) tune in later for the recipe on da blog this week. 

3. even nutritionists have their vices. i firmly believe in balance and moderation—and that's why i think it's totally fine to have a drink every once in awhile, as long as you stick to certain alcohols that are slightly less toxic for you. the entire topic certainly deserves its own blog post—maybe in a few weeks—but needless to say, gin is one of the safest choices you can make if you're trying to be healthy and find yourself out. this weekend i stopped by Norah, a new spot that just opened on Santa Monica. great vibes, good drinks, and they had vegan cauliflower nuggets? color me impressed. definitely will be stopping by again soon. 

4. my article was featured on mashable this week—check out the 4 morning rituals that will positively impact your day.

5. still trying to figure out which training plan i'll be using for my first ultra race. i'm not running it for time, so technically i could follow a more simple mileage-based plan ... but i work best with a little bit of structure. stumbled upon this great 8-week marathon training plan for anyone who's interested in running a race and already has a solid running base under their belts. i'm thinking of following it leading up to my "practice" trail marathon in may—i'll report back my results then! 

6. most runners will admit that their skin changes, and not for the better, when they amp up their training schedules. i notice that my face and legs feel drier (a byproduct of extra sweat ... sexy, i know) and my complexion starts to freckle as i increase my mileage and spend more time in the sun. although i slather my pale Irish-Italian self in sunscreen, the sweating issue eventually renders the sunscreen incapable of doing its job. for me, that means adding a few more products into my nightly routine to combat the damage. this drunk elephant T.L.C glycolic night serum works wonders—i massage a dollop into my face and neck before bed, and wake up the next day to smoother, more glowy skin. plus i think (?) it's lightening my freckles. bonus: it's a clean, green product. no yucky stuff seeping into your blood stream AND it works? sold. 

7. 2 rest days. yes, this week i took the entire weekend to myself. i saw my family, got some writing done, and worked out when i felt like it. it was much needed, and i'm sort of sad that it has to end! but sometimes you need a little time to recharge the batteries in order to inspire some movement. even when you have some momentum in your life/career/training, that break can amplify the positive things that are happening around you—and prevent you from burning out. take some time and be easy with yourself this week. you deserve it.