big week, people. bachelor ben chose his life partner, the race towards the white house got seriously dramatic, and today the new york times published a study about how running (and meditation) can fight depression. uhmmmm and i shaved my legs for the first time in a few weeks so can i get a high five? thank you. 

in all seriousness, i'm riding high on lifeeee this week—its check-in week for a few of my clients, and their progress is totally stunning! plus, the "5 days to 5k" meal plan e-book is almost here—so exciting. with 15 recipes, tons of information for how to fuel your fast, and of course, how to prep the morning of your race, you're going to love this book. 

okay, now to the juicy goods—here's what i'm loving this week. 

james turrell smoca

1. this weekend i got the hell out of dodge—or rather, LA—and took a quick flight to scottsdale to spend some time with my mom and sister. lady power, ya feel me? scottsdale is totally adorable, but my favorite place we visited by far was the scottsdale museum of contemporary art. if you get a chance, check it out. the james turrell exhibit there totally blew my mind. 

2. i've been obsessed with podcasts since i moved to NYC in 2007. my favorite thing to do was walk around the city while listening to whichever podcast host i was currently obsessed with. over the past year i've come to really look forward to the Marathon Training Academy's weekly episodes—angie and trevor, the fearless hosts, are seriously impressive parents and runners. they've definitely inspired me to continue my running education and learn even more about distance running. 

3. well + good  is one of those websites that i could spend hours looking at. they've always got the smartest collaborators, interesting articles, and truly have their pulse on the fitness and wellness world in LA and NYC. this week they hosted an event at Wanderlust LA about 'green beauty' featuring some pretty incredible panel members. it was awesome to share the space with 400 gorgeous women who are interested in taking care of themselves from the inside out. i'm re-inspired to learn even more about clean beauty. 

4. you know when you're secretly obsessed with something, and then you find out someone else you know is equally devoted to it and you're like, "DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!" yeah, that's how i felt after i read this into the gloss piece

the hayden tract

5. when my clients are really, really amazing (spoiler alert: they always are) i like to join them at their favorite workouts/restaurant/meditation class. this week one of my favorites asked me to come to her most-loved soulcycle instructor's class in culver city. i had an amazingly sweaty class—my quads are still killing me—and was so impressed with the location! check out the platform LA if you're looking for a cool, aesthetically pleasing place to chill this weekend. 

6. katy perry's record prism on vinyl. all of my wildest dreams have come true. [cue me dancing to "birthday" in my underwear]

the bouqs flowers

7. in honor of this week's final rose ceremony, buy yourself some flowers. my rec? the bouqs—they're eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and straight up gorge.