the shortlist of what i'm loving this week. 

1. it's not its website. because we all need a little grammar refresher sometimes. 

2. coldbrew coffee ON NITRO. it's like coffee beer, you guys. even nutritionists can appreciate how wonderful that is. 

3. getting back on a training schedule. i'm currently signed up for two races in the next few months (the muir woods trail marathon + the mt. hood 50k) and after almost three weeks off post-LA marathon i'm ready to get back into a routine. when there's no clear goal, i feel like i'm floating around in the ether. it feels good to be grounded again. more to come on marathon training on the blog! 

4. tata harper's natural and nontoxic beauty elixirs. i turned 27 (!) last week, so it's time to commit to a real anti-aging night cream. the ingredients in these organic creams won't mess with your hormones like some products can, and they seriously work. i've already noticed a difference in my skin's tone. 

5. the numinous weekly tarotscope seriously inspires me every week to be a little more spiritual, embrace my inner goddess, and to finally put together my crystal shrine (trust me, it'll happen eventually)

6. podcast fans, listen up: you must remember this is a can't-miss show about the secret and forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century. the host, karina longworth, is so lovely and such a great storyteller. her well-researched episodes cover everything from humphrey bogart's drinking problem to the effect the manson murders had on hollywood. subscribe right now! 

7. this article about why a six pack doesn't necessarily equate to a strong core. it's so spot on—and will make you feel way better about your current ab situation. 

what are you loving this week? let me know in the comments or tweet at me at @michellizzon!