I know you. You’re a make-it-happen.


Make-it-happens are the women we adore. The ones who look around and decide to create their own lives and their own rules. A make-it-happen (that’s you) doesn’t take no for an answer.

She almost forces the world to bend to her will. And she’s powerful as shit. She decides, This is what I want, and then she just dreams it into being. Poof. She imagines, and then works hard to create that reality. Even when people tell her that she’s totally crazy and it’s impossible, somehow she figures it out. She believes in the magic of not giving a fuck about what people think.

And usually that works for her. That unwavering determination landed her the awesome job, the sick apartment. It’s why she’s surrounded by authentic relationships. Her make-it-happen-ness is what makes her interesting and fun. She’s vibrant and beautiful and magnetic, and sexy AF. The woman is the definition of #goals.

But it’s also the only thing that’s holding her back when it comes to health.

It’s really frustrating to be stuck in a body you don’t like and feel like there’s nothing you can do about it.  For someone who’s used to working hard and seeing results, that’s torture. So when a make-it-happen looks at herself in the mirror and hates what she sees, it’s like, 💩🖕💀💥⁉️

Ultimate health and wellness (we’re talking that glowy-skin-good-mood-slip-your-fave-skinny-jeans-on-easily kind of feeling) just isn’t something you can force, no matter how willing to work you are. It’s not something that happens overnight—a million spin classes won’t leave you feeling amazing if you decide that your body is an enemy that needs to be beaten into submission. First you gotta love that cute little bod, then you have to figure out how to nourish it so that it can do all the things you’re asking it to do. And you’ve got high expectations: You want to run a marathon, have tons of energy, zero belly bloat, and look 10 years younger. That’s all possible when you dial in your nutrition, and once you do it happens almost effortlessly.

Sure. It’s different than your usual approach. But guess what? What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. And just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Because this body, it’s all you’ve got. For someone who wants to do everything better—because you know you can—being at your healthiest and best is the number one way to be successful in every other facet of your life.

It’s not about being skinny, so stop obsessively counting the calories you burn on the treadmill. That doesn’t work anyway. Here’s a real boner killer—science has confirmed that we can’t just rely on working out to stay healthy. Nutrition, it turns out, is a way more effective way to get the body and life you want. *SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS NOT AS DIFFICULT AS PEOPLE MAKE IT OUT TO BE. NO MATH WILL BE INVOLVED.

Here’s the lovely thing. It’s not that you’re incapable of getting that life you want. Of feeling good. Of getting through your day without stressing about calories or belly fat or cheese. It’s just that no one has taught you what you need to know.

So, for my make-it-happens out there—I’m one of you. I gotchu. There’s an effective, efficient, and pretty painless way to finally feel amazing. It’s about honing in on your unique nutrition needs (you special snowflake!), and finding out what works for you. You can spend the next 10 years hating your body and fucking with your metabolism as you try to figure that out on your own, or you can work with me for 12 weeks and see what happens.

Your call. You make it happen.