hello babes. here's what's been inspiring me this week.

1. this gorgeous video about a lady and a race. (my two favorite topics)

2. rich roll’s incredible voice. . . smooth like almond butter, amiright? oh yeah, and he’s pretty genius, too.

3.  science. because it's awesome. for those runners with knee pain due to PLOS, botox may be the cure you’ve been searching for!

4. tinder for girls (but way better). created by a genius lady i worked with at my first gig in LA. check it out: hey VINA!

5. these shoes, because i’m a firm believer that when you look good you feel fine, and when you feel fine you run faster.

6. CAP beauty. if i lived in nyc still you better believe i'd be here every damn day getting my chakras aligned and my face on point. ny'ers, check 'em out!

7. the recipe for white bean blondies i just created (in time for my #golden birthday!) you betta believe they'll be on the blog soon!